Taking the Family to Mexico for Passover - what you should know

Taking the Family to Mexico for Passover - what you should know, Balnearios Mexico

Passover 2022 is going to be a fabulous event. More people are able to travel now because of the vaccinations that lessen the severity of the dreaded Covid-19 restrictions. More people are going to hit the road and travel to exotic locations, and this is going to be one of the best kosher holidays people had in years.

If Mexico is your destination of choice for your family for celebrating the Passover holiday then the following tidbits could help you plan, prepare, and enjoy your stay.

Huatulco Mexico

You may never have heard of Huatulco Mexico. The fact that you may have not heard of this vacation paradise might make it a less crowded destination for your vacation. There are numerous things to see and do in this area.

  1. Stay at the Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa

This sumptuous resort offers all-inclusive vacations that follow the Jewish regulations and guidelines so your entire family can simply relax and enjoy the location and the festivities. They offer kids clubs for children who range in ages of 3 to 12 so they are family-friendly and the kids can always be properly instructed and entertained. They also offer live entertainment, premium drinks, sodas, and juices at no additional cost, and a wide variety of sports and activities to participate in.

  1. Huatulco is home to 30 pristine beaches with white dans and turquoise waters. You will always be able to find a beach area that suits your preferences.
  2. Huatulco is more affordable than many of the resort areas. The majority of people who visit this area are domestic locals. The word about the beauty and luxury of this area is not widely spread and that means that the cost of activities, foods, and everything else will be 20% less than you will expect to pay anywhere else.
  3. Puerto Escondido is a popular backpacking location so your family can get out, see amazing sites, and experience what Mexico truly has to offer.

Puerto Vallarta

A Passover vacation in Puerto Vallarta is one that your family is not likely to forget anytime soon. The fact that the best weather in this area begins in April makes it a fabulous location for Pesach adventures.

There are luxurious resorts and spas that participate in Passover-friendly vacations for Jewish observers. The Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa is one of the most glamorous resorts in the area. It is family-friendly, has plenty of activities and interesting things for the children and the adults.

You will find fabulous golf courses located in this area. The beaches are pristine and the water is clear and inviting. Puerto Vallarta offers outdoor activities that will allow you to get rid of the winter blues and embrace the beauty and fresh air.

Puerto Vallarta is warm so pack clothing that can be worn in the warmer temperatures. You might also want to carry plenty of sunscreen, hats, and possibly an umbrella to shade you from the sun.

You can walk around the city, take a bus or hire a cab. Getting from point A to point B in this beautiful area is easy to do. You will have the freedom to move around and see more of the country and experience more of the culture.

Local shops and local entertainment venues will provide you with a true look at the people and culture of this area. Your children will experience customs and ideas that they may never see again, but they will always remember.


You might prefer a trip to Cancun. The hotels that offer Passover friendly experiences are numerous. Each of the establishments will provide you with everything you need to have the best Passover ever.

Stay at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach or at the Hyatt Ziva. You will have accessibility to several pools, fabulous dining, lavish breakfasts, and a spectacular Seder meal.

From these magnificent hotels, you can go out and explore the Mayan ruins. You can see Xcaret Park or visit the Isla Mujeres. Take a catamaran tour, get a diver certification and explore underwater sites and activities, snorkel, swim, and of course simply relax on the white sandy beaches.

Kids love the Captain Hook Pirate dinner cruise. It is an adventure and a learning experience all rolled up into one package.

Swim with the whale sharks and see these wonders of nature up close.

Ride ATVs and see the remote countryside with no encumbrances.

Go to the Dolphin Discovery and let the kids swim with dolphins and learn about these creatures.

Visit the All Ritmo water park and ride the rides and play in the bright sunshine.

Final Thoughts

A trip to Mexico is one of adventure, excitement, beauty, and relaxation. The sites in this country will have you yearning to return because their memories will be embedded in your mind. Do not put off visiting this country while you are on vacation. You will not regret the trip.

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